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We recommend that all owners ensure they have insurance specifically covering shorter holiday rentals. Many insurance companies will not offer this type of cover and we encourage you to check your policy to ensure your insurance company is aware of this commercial arrangement.

Bachcare has a partnership with Apex Insurance, offering our owners specific cover for holiday home rentals. Sam Horan can be contacted on samh@apexinsurance.co.nz or 09 968 9750.

2.Deep Cleans

Your holiday manager will have sent you an email recently about completing a deep clean at your property (excluding Winter locations)  prior to Labour Weekend. Please respond if you haven’t already done so, so your Holiday Manager can schedule this in.

Don’t forget we have a special relationship at Briscoes, where your holiday manager can order items on your behalf (eg fresh new mattress protectors for the new summer season), have them dispatched to his/her address and charge your account. Your Holiday Managers can then place the items in your house (for a small fee including time to organise).

3. Water monitors

If you are running on tank water at your holiday home, there are some neat ideas on the market to help ensure your tank does not run out of water. Many tanks are impossible to gauge the level inside and this product will ensure that your tank is refilled when required.

The Visi-ball

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Easily view your tank level from far away with the Apex Visiball Water Level Indicator.

Highly visible from a distance, the height in which the red ball sits above the tank is the indication of your tank level. When the red ball is high in the air, then you have plenty of water in the tank. When the red ball is low down near the top of the tank, then your tank is almost empty. Perfect for holiday homes, this system can be fitted to any tank. It costs $230inc GST (not including shipping and installation). Product is available at a Plumbing World near you: http://apexvalves.co.nz/distributors/.

There are Ultrasonic Water Tank Level monitors as well like this one on Jaycar for $99.90. There are Wi-Fi connected options as well, typically costing upwards of $700.00.

4. Owner Portal

Don’t forget you can open and close your calendar from your owner portal and also view service requests. This later function is handy when reviewing your credit notes and want to find out what a specific charge applied via your Holiday Manager is for.

Simply go to: Your Listing --> Service Requests --> Key in the date range --> Drill down into an applicable entry

For any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with any of the Owner Support team. Support office ph: 09 366 7000 / ownersupport@bachcare.co.nz