The Easiest Way To Safeguard Against Any QLDC Changes

As a potential new or existing holiday home owner in Queenstown Lakes, you'll be taking a keen interest in all the changes that may be afoot (covered off in our recent article here)!  With over 200 properties we manage in the Southern Lakes, we at Bachcare are here to help you and make it easy. 

We take care of it all - even the costs. We’ll register your holiday home and complete the Certificate of Compliance on your behalf and put the cost against future bookings with us!
RELAX - We've got this!

RELAX - We've got this!

We know how precious your time is, so wherever you are in the process, our helpful team here at Bachcare HQ can support you every step of the way. And given we are the experts, let's take that paperwork off your hands. Here's 3 easy steps we are offering:

- We'll register your holiday home with QLDC

- We'll complete the Certificate of Compliance or Existing Use forms

- We'll cover the cost of these applications and put it against future bookings!

So you'll have no upfront costs to being rental ready, and protected against any future changes implemented by QLDC.

Sound good? We thought so too. Let's get started...


In short, you need to get sorted now with registering your holiday home to benefit from ‘existing use’ rights!
A Certificate of Compliance is a legal document that confirms the right to operate as a Registered Holiday Home as a permitted activity under the current district plan but a CoC does not create development rights or provide for a business to grow beyond what is currently allowed as a permitted activity. A Certificate of Compliance can’t be issued once the proposed rules reach the stage where they require a resource consent to carry out the activity lawfully – i.e. the point where the rules have legal effect.
— QLDC Website

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