Nathan grew up in Raglan and always wanted to have a property close to the waves that he surfed growing up. A few years ago 295 Whaanga Road came on to the market and Nikki and Nathan decided it was the perfect spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of their lives in Dubai. Living busy lives overseas didn't leave much time to fully commit to running their luxury Raglan holiday home. That was one of the major attractions to coming onboard and having their breath-taking property fully managed.

"We loved the idea that the land was completely off-grid and we’d have enough space to graze our own cattle and plant an orchard and veggie garden." Nikki and Nathan had heard about Bachcare’s friendly reputation and how owners and clients are well looked after. The Bachcare team were only too happy to help when Nikki reached out via our online enquiry form.

Jenny our bach manager is fantastic and we couldn’t do it without her!

“We feel lucky to have found such a special spot in Raglan. It’s paradise for us and guests feel the same way.The feedback we've received so far has been incredible. For us The Glasshouse is more than just a holiday house, it refreshes and inspires you and gives you the space to remember and appreciate what you love in life.”

Once the property was listed and live online, and special luxury marketing activities underway - the bookings began to flow in. We asked Nikki to give her overview of how it has gone so far:

Since we have had Eskrow (content creators Bachcare work with) do our photos, the bookings have increased!

It has been a great outcome for Ian and Jude, and the Bachcare team have worked with them every step of the way to look at additional ways to improve house occupancy. There’s a clear plan complemented by great commitment from Ian and Jude. Over the years they have continued to upgrade the property, landscaping the section, planting new trees, putting a new fence around it, putting a carport and woodshed up, a new back deck, a fresh repaint of the house and replacing most of the furniture. All key areas to improve rentability of a holiday home.

Revenue has nearly tripled from 2016 to 2018

Bachcare is a core part of helping run Jude and Ian’s holiday home. And when commenting on the ongoing relationship, Jude said, “The support has been amazing. They go that extra mile to keep me happy, whether it is through emails or chatting with my Bachcare Holiday Manager. A super friendly team!!”

With plans to add an outside drying room and a storage shed in the near future, Ian and Jude are committed to making the most of their holiday home and its value as a business asset.

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