The Shah’s run a successful family owned construction business. Over the last few years they have planned, developed and built many affordable homes around Auckland, keeping Akshay extremely busy! They have also been active property investors, taking on properties in Queenstown and Taupo over the last three years.

The Shah family originally used their first holiday home for long term rentals. It is a frequently asked question here at Bachcare around the benefits of short term versus long term rental. As Akshay mentions, “The issue with our long term rentals previously was that some tenants didn't honour the fixed contracts, and some weren't keeping the house clean or looking after it. So it was becoming a recurring thing to look for new tenants who would stay long term and use the house well and maintain it. This wasted valuable time and resources over and above the loss of rent.”

So they began exploring short term solutions which led to progress with Bachcare.

After the initial transition, the Bachcare rental began to match the previous fixed rental yield, obviously with the added advantage of being able to use the holiday home whenever the family wanted to

As an astute owner and property investor, Akshay provided further insight. “In fact we would now prefer Bachcare over a regular fixed rent; as we are rest assured the property will be well used, but still be kept in tip top condition and maintained and looked after well."

Along with the many benefits Akshay mentioned, we also quizzed him on ‘why Bachcare?’ He was keen to share that for him it boiled down to, “Ease of starting and signing up; the extremely friendly and absolutely professional service; the peace of mind; and maximum exposure for bookings.”

It has been a great privilege to work with Akshay and his family, and a joy to hear of the excitement that grew among the family as the sign up with Bachcare progressed:

The whole process was very exciting and delightful! It was easy to communicate with their awesome team. Overall it was a fast, streamlined process and we were proud of the end result - seeing our home go up live. And the joy of being notified that a first booking has been made soon after!

With all this in mind, it was an easy decision to add their latest Queenstown property under the management of Bachcare early in 2016.

And the future for the Shah family and their property portfolio? They’re keen to continue adding to their stock, sharing the many great experiences holiday homes around our beautiful country have to offer.

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