We know how important guest experience is, and it doesn't just start when guests arrive at your holiday home. Right from how they discover Bachcare on the web or via word of mouth, it's a key aspect of setting good expectations right from that first interaction.

As many of you will know, international sites such as Airbnb and Booking.com are especially commonplace for the growing international audience visiting our shores. So blended in with maximising booking opportunities is also the ease of how potential guests discover a Bachcare property. Therefore these international listing channels do have merit as a part of your marketing mix. 

Whereas these additional listing channels do carry some risk, we work with you to get the right listing channels to align with your rental goals and income objective. That's why having direct feeds into both these listing sites has been an important milestone on our roadmap.

1. Airbnb Direct Integration


After much testing, our direct feed to Airbnb is working really well and we are gradually offering this as a listing channel to all owners across the country. Our owner team will approach you in due course outlining the options available on how to proceed, but ultimately it will be your decision if you'd like to list your holiday home on this channel.

2. Booking.com Direct Integration


Our direct feed into Booking.com is progressing well but is not yet live. We are continuing to work with Booking.com in this testing phase and as soon as we are confident in its syncing of data between our site and theirs, we will follow much the same process of gradually rolling it out as a listing option to you and all other owners across the country. 

3. Guest Accidental Damage Protection Plan

We're dedicated to creating one of the best booking and guest experiences on offer here in New Zealand, so are exploring ways to offer an alternative to a bond at the time of booking. We know the use of a bond does impact our conversion rates and has been a consistent point of frustration given it is no longer commonplace on other listing sites.

We know the use of a bond provides reassurance to you as the owner, and are investigating if an accidental damage protection plan (covering any accidental damage up to a set dollar amount) may be a useful alternative - striking the right balance between protection and improving booking conversion rates. This type of approach is commonly used overseas by holiday home rental companies, so we will continue to update you as we progress. What we can see looking overseas is that the use of bonds or safety deposits is diminishing and rapidly falling out of fashion, to the extent it is impacting our international bookings, where guests are no longer used to bonds being taken for bookings. 

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